Villa Sophienhöhe was built in 1899 by Josef Bollig zu Schneppenheim and his wife Sophia due to their marriage.

Later, the house was named after the wife`s first name.

In 1939, a business man from Düsseldorf bought the house. During the Second World War, Villa Sophienhöhe was a hospital. During this time, the house was seriously damaged and it was no more possible to live in. In the 1940ies, the house had been renovated and offered help to children with lung diseases until the 1950ies when it was closed.

In 1960, the family „von Ullisperger“ bought the house. Mr von Ullisperger used the house for his various business activities, e.g., a big printing machine produced printing goods in the cellar of the house. After Mr von Ullisperger died, the family Stump bought the house in 1997 and renovated it fundamentally.

In 1999, Villa Sophienhöhe was has been opened to the public and is now a well-known hotel and restaurant.

Hotel & Restaurant Villa Sophienhöhe

Sophienhöhe 1, 50171 Kerpen
Tel.:+49 2275 9228-0