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Our kitchen

Erlebniskochen mit Koch

Alkaline diet with fresh vegetables

Kitchen between tradition and modernity
Our cuisine moves between a traditional and a modern nutritional diet. We want to impress customers with regionally and seasonally fresh products. This also includes vegan offers. Our range of cuisine should be open, honest and comprehensible. That is our self-imposed claim. 

Experience cooking through transparency
With our visible “show kitchen” in the Culinarium, we focus on transparency. We give our customers a look of the creativity of our cooking team by opening up the kitchen.  


Transparency and hygiene
With front cooking we give our customers a visible look into our kitchen. But transparency also includes hygiene. And we are pleased with the official result of the food inspection: 4 x very good." 

Basic kitchen products
Our eating habits with fast food and other industrially processed products, together with many environmental pollutants such as fine dust, electrosmog and plasticizers, put a strain on our bodies and thus contribute to acidification. In addition, daily stress is another stress factor. 

Our culinary culture is based on a balanced ratio of acids and bases. Only this balance keeps people healthy. With the plant-based food we offer a contribution to a healthy diet and thus enable, among other things, the body's own regeneration. 

Vegetable Crops
In our kitchen, in addition to the quality potatoes from local soil, we process many types of vegetables such as fresh salads, broccoli, kale, pumpkin, spinach, lamb's lettuce, savoy cabbage, carrot, onions, eggplant, peppers, celery, fennel, radish, parsley root, parsnips, salsify, Jerusalem artichoke, beetroot and much more.


Soup culture
We also make our alkaline soups from many of these vegetables. We want to impress our customers with the quality and taste of the soups.


Herbal culture
Our herbal cuisine rounds off the quality of our gastronomic offerings. By building an in-house herb wall, we want to make the range of products visible. Given the high demand for herbs, a lot of things are bought through a farm shop, as is the case with the variety of vegetables.

Äpfel am Baum

Fruit culture

We even offer a selection of fruits, especially at breakfast for our hotel guests. This includes the seasonal in-house products such as jam/jelly from apples, pears, plums, cherries and quinces, made from the fruits from Sophienhöhe. The honey also is made by our own honey bees.

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