The Villa Sophienhöhe was built in 1899 by the landowner Josef Bollig to Schneppenheim and his wife Sophia, born Stollwerk, from the Aachen / Cologne factory family (chocolate dynasty), on the occasion of their wedding. As manor house from the founder times, the villa belonged to the estate Burg Niederbolheim and Antoniterhof in Niederbolheim.

The mansion and the street were later named after his wife Sophia.

Later Gut Antoniterhof and the villa became the property of the Gymnasialstiftungsfonds Köln. In 1939, the mansion changed hands again. A businessman from Dusseldorf acquired the property and set up a factory for the production of silver cleaning cloths in the basement. During the Second World War, the villa served as an officer's home and as a military hospital. During this time, the building suffered quite some damage, so it was barely habitable. First attempts to make the beautiful property available to the public again, have failed and so the Provincial Insurance Institution Dusseldorf took over in the late 40s. The villa was rebuild as a children's clinic. At the end of the 50s, the clinic was closed again.

In 1960, the family "von Ullisperger" bought the property. Mr. von Ullisperger was an inventor and tinkerer and gained thereby many patents. The property was used to make manicure utensils, sewing machine threaders and more. The manufactured goods were exported from here worldwide. After the death of Mr von Ullisperger, the main part of the estate was sold to the Stump family in 1997.

The Stump family had the villa extensively renovated. Since 1999, the Villa Sophienhöhe has been open to the public and has since been shining as a restaurant and hotel.

Hotel & Restaurant Villa Sophienhöhe

Sophienhöhe 1, 50171 Kerpen
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